Blower Instructions

  1. Check it has enough fuel. The fuel is kept in green fuel can by the blower in the apple store.
  2. Turn button on located on the arm and put the accelerator lever on half way.
  3. Squeeze fuel pump located under the choke 3 times. (This “primes” the fuel for the blower.)
  4. Turn choke on.
  5. Pull cord until you hear a rumble – should only need 1 to 3 pulls. It is easy to flood the blower if you just keep pulling – so take care not to do this.
  6. Turn choke off and pull cord, 1-5 times until it starts. Lower the accelerator lever. May need to squeeze accelerator to aid starting.
  7. If not start, unscrew filter by hand, and clean filter free of any petrol. Put back, and try pulling cord again 1 – 5 times.
  8. If still not start, pull cord at same time as pressing accelerator lever.
  9. Once finished – refill with fuel.
  10. If petrol can empty in apple store refill the mix in wooden garages. You need to mix petrol with oil the ratio is labeled on wooden garage doors with instructions.

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