Drive Blowing – How To

Technique – VITAL

Very important that when you use the blower, you are blowing the leaves from a distance, so as to gently move leaves / dirt into a pile.

Do not go close, particularly around white walls and white paint work, and white plant pots, as the dirt will splatter onto these white surfaces.

If this happens, then need to manually wipe everything down, which is a nightmare and very slow and boring.

Tools Needed:

  1. Blower
  2. Wheelbarrow
  3. Dustpan and Brush
  4. Broom (long handle)

All above tools are in boiler room, garden shed and apple store.

Blow Drive

Start from road, standing on village road. Include holly leaves on grass bank outside the gate and blow up to the lorry, including round the lorry and under the lorry & by wooden garages, and all tarmac area, towards house – stopping by the back door i.e. do not blow the courtyard by house with white walls surrounding.


  1. Small gap by side of flat stairs by welly boot washer & welly boot washer area and drain itself. (will need dustpan & brush for this)
  1. Sweep under dustbins & around. And use broom + dustpan and brush for ALL door ways and door wells.
  2. Fountain area – behind pots, around pots, and also under bench, and at base of green box hedging. e.g. don’t allow build up of leaves here.

After blowing:-

  1. Clean all drains. Including one behind dustbins & one in narrow passage by silver bins. Use dustpan & brush to clean.
  2. Walk around perimeter of house, boiler room, workshop, garden sheds and clean all drains. Use dustpan & brush to clean.


  1. Do not blow dust under doors into garages & cat flap.
  2. Do not blow stones & pebbles out of cracks


Put on compost bins – one which is being filled with kitchen waste.


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