JCB – How to Use

JCB in wooden garages – keep Wooden Garage Doors closed at all times.

JCB is a diesel engine

To start, turn the key a quarter – not fully – and wait 30 seconds, then turn the key fully to start the engine. Check Fuel if need fuel fill from Oil Tank by Wooden garages.


The JCB is quite crude – so turning and using pedals, allow time and space as it is NOT like car.

When using in pond paddock, go steady when going down the hill, and if going too fast, may need hand-break.

If area you are going to drive on is very muddy, may need to use diff-lock to avoid wheels spinning in heavy mud. Located near the gearstick. Small handled one.

When driving across fields, try to use different routes and tracks to avoid tracking on fields.

Gateways to Use

If going in or out of Field C or into Field B, drive through Corral Gates. If horses are in corral, do this, they are fine with JCB. 

Do not:-

  • Do not use headlights in daylight hours.
  • Do not switch engine off and on when you are using it.

Once on, leave running when you are filling the hay hutches, or anything like this.

Needs to be running for 15 minutes minimum once you’ve started it.


If anything doesn’t feel right, i.e. slow to start in morning, or smelly engine, or anything else, however small, please tell Sarah immediately. Very important.

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