Jet wash

To use:

  1. Attach the hose and turn on at the tap.
  2. Connect the electric – but do not turn on at the machine yet!
  3. Hold down the trigger on the handle and let the water come through until no air bubbles are coming through. This may take a minute but it is vital it is done before switching on the machine, as it is possible to burn out the motor if there is air within the machine.
  4. Now switch on the dial on the front, this engages the electric pump.
  5. Adjust the pressure to suit.


  1. The water must always be put on first and switched off last – if there is no water in the machine while it is switched on it is likely to blow up!
  2. Do not jet wash too close to concrete, wood or paint as it will lift them up and strip them bare as it is very powerful! Hold about 50cm away from everything.

Take great care when and if using on stable walls as they are made of MDF.

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