Job Responsibility

As the primary groom – with sole charge, your responsibilities are as follows:-

1. To care for the horses, in full, which includes;-

Horse health, i.e. worms, rubbing of manes / tails. Weight of the horse – does it need more food? less good? is it thin? fat?

Injury – checking all horses are sound, by watching their movement at all times, e.g. when coming into corral, or walking up track. Including bites, cuts, any particular horse with lots of bullying marks etc.

Safety in stables and fields, e.g. fencing kept in order, stables kept clean and looked after. Gates closed / open as outlined. Water working in fields, salt licks, hay hutches, chewing of fencing, corral kept in order.

2. Responsible for your time

The premises is large, and easy to loose time just by forgetting something, or not connecting job-to-job, e.g. when feeding hay large, combine with checking fencing and always have electric rubber gloves with you.

Including arriving on time, sticking to time on plans, and finishing on time.

3. To maintain the environment to the highest standard. Nothing should be left broken, or dismissed for lack of importance.

4. To remember that there is nobody following behind you. e.g. if something is broken, must tell Sarah – nobody else will see / do this.

5. Be aware of weather conditions, – e.g. winter, extra food if snow, or high winds, horses must be shut into field, or summer – water troughs working and suncream applied to horses noses.

6. The system set up, is the yard system – e.g. the idea being, any person can temporarily fill-in for the permanent groom, at the drop of a hat, because everything is left 1) in order, 2) routine is kept accordingly to the plans.

Anything adjusted in the plans, must be told to Sarah and be updated quickly.

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