Light Bulbs in Yard

Light Bulbs in Yard – Check all Lights Below are Work

  1. Turn both switches on in all stables
  2.  Feed Room Lights
  3. Tack Room Lights
  4. Apple Store
  5. Hay Barn
  6. Outside Midden
  7. Wash Area Light
  8. Canopy over Stable Doors  – Switch by Main Hose
  9. Spot Light for whole Yard – switch by Main Hose

Replacing Lights

For Stable Lights with a Cover – Use special screwdriver labelled in tack room Drawer & Small Ladder

Any light bulbs that you cannot change tell Sarah

All spare light bulbs in wall cupboard in Tack Room

If need more light bulbs leave a message on answer machine and give old bulb to Sarah



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