Watering in Garden – Location & Instructions

Pool Pots x 4:

All 4 pots between pool, and pool room – straight in front of you as walking from garden into pool area.

Use hose on wall by pump room door. Turn tap on inside pump room, behind hose reel.

Water all pots really well – i.e. saturate. Use shower setting.

  • There is a hose in pump room for bottom 2 pots,  and also hose in kitchen garden, for  top 2 pots.

Make sure to CLOSE pool garden door fully.

Pots x 5 by Terrace + 1 x Pedestal Pot

Walking from arch – walk straight down towards school – there is a big tall bay bush – behind which is a hose reel.

To water these pots, you need to connect the hose extension – which is hanging on hose stand by the tap.

End of the main hose reel, should be left positioned just on the ground, in front of the massive bay bush, so easily accessible next time when watering.

Pick up extension, walk to front of bay bush, connect extension, and pull hose reel out.

Turn water on, and pull to desired length. Now saturate all pots.

Take care with hose on lavender plants.


Side Door & Back Door Pots

As above pots. Water very well and make sure to fill black hose pipe, if there.

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