To Burn Haylage Wrappers –

Collect JCB – then go to boiler room, fetch matches, firelighters and boxes (boxes go in passenger seat).

Hitch up little trailer.

Collect pitch fork from compost-bins (hanging on tree).

Go to corral – fill up trailer with haylage etc. and feed haylage.

When finished feeding haylage – go to bonfire – light bonfire and burn haylage wrappers and anything else on bonfire.

Notes on Bonfire:-

If raining or thick fog, and no air moment, do not light bonfire – leave till next day. Must not light and have the bonfire smoking the village / house / sand school out.

Make sure to rake in all non-burnt derbies – so Bonfire is kept clean and neat – nobody else will do this. i.e. bonfire is your sole responsibility.

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