Corral Repairs / Corral Keeping Notes

Twine on Rings

Replace twine on rings immediately. Ensure they are correct length, measuring against sample in haybarn.


Replace ribbons on tie rings if broken or not visible (i.e. colour washed away).

Replace twine on rings immediately (don’t cut too short)

Check Sticks 

Head collar stand should always have:-

  • 1 carrot stick
  • 2 schooling sticks

make sure these are always back here before leaving. 


Replace any staples which fix haynet to rails. Repair haynets if frayed / broken using doubled twine, and twist round, and round etc & tie at end. Repair fully.

Keep hooks in working order, and if bent, hammer back into place. So nets can be closed.

Keep ground, below haynets clear of any buildup of mud / excess hay.

Recycle hay back into nets on ground to avoid waste

Hay leftover which cannot be re-used, when clearing up corral, sweep under & around hay nets, and mucky hay, put in muck bin. i.e. collect everything – do not leave anything under hay nets, or pushed into bushes / grassy area.


Keep tidy & Check all items are on hooks .

If something is missing, find it.

Cleaning Corral

Hay – unusable, collect and burn on rubble stone inside Field C. Away from gate.

Watch out for any biting / chewing. If notice 1 bite, please tell Sarah ASAP. Very, very important.



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