Feed Haylage & Fill Hay Hutches – How To

Haylage takes 45 minutes max.

Hitch up Little Blue Trailer.

On Wednesdays take Matches / Firelighters / cardboard from boiler room for burning wrappers on bonfire

Fill JCB & blue trailer with haylage. Create a “V” to stack more slabs in the back of the jcb & put slabs in the center of the “V”. i.e so they don’t fall out.

Put haylage in back of JCB & little blue trailer. So when feeding max 1 trip.

5 Hutches can take 1 – 1 ½ haylage bales – depending on harvest.

Important to compact haylage in each hay hutch.

What to Do:- 

Load up JCB & Trailer.

Drive to hay hutches. Get out of JCB. Move ALL hay hutches.

Move hutches forward, 6 strides (i.e.12ft) so horses won’t stand in previous track lines. Also keep hutches 6 strides (i.e.12ft) apart.

Keep neat and in same lines.

Leave lids propped up against hutches: Like this: U

Now get JCB to hutches and fill. When filling hutches, loosen haylage before it goes into hutches, as loosening cuts down wastage.

Make Sure Lids are put back Securely – Double Check – Very Important they are fully locked into Place.

  1. Do not drive in track
  2. Wherever possible, use different track lines (in fields) to avoid field damage. 

Put Wrappers On Bonfire. All Wrappers are burnt on Wednesdays.

Haylage Quantities:-

Monday: 1 ½ Bale

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday 1 ½ Bale

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Between 1 ½ bale

Saturday: ½ Bale to top up. 

Which Haylage to Use:- 

  • Use Haylage from Corral for Fields B & C – get the haylage either from the Corral or the Laurel Gateway.
  • When accessing this Haylage Load Up from Corral  or from the Laurel Electric Gateway – You can do this with Horses tied up.
  • To get to Laurel Gateway so getting haylage from the corral from second entrance – drive into C and then across track opening the double set of electric gates into the School field then round to Electric Gates into laurel Pen.
  • Use Haylage from Pen A in Field A
  • Use Haylage in Pen in Pond Paddock.


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