Grazing Notes and Feeding

Moving Horses

When moving horses:


When to Stop Feeding

Stop feeding oats when:-

  1. They begin to look fat.
  2. Grass starts coming through (spring)


When to Start Feeding Oats 

Start feeding oats when:-

  1. The haylage is only lasting 1 day.
  2. Looking very thin.


When to Move the Horses 

Move horses when the grazing is getting a little thin, but before you start seeing mud – i.e. before the root structure is vulnerable and close to damage. Better to move earlier, i.e. when grass left, than later when too bare and takes twice as long to repair.

Let Sarah know when grass looking ready to move.

When to Feed Hay & Haylage

Feed towards end of summer when weights beginning to drop due to reduced grass quality.


Over Weight Horses in Summer

If moving to new field and looking suddenly fat, can move back to previous field for few days, so weight drops a bit, then move back to new field. Move all together.


Docks and Nettles.

When fields grazed if nettles not eaten – strim before moving horses – will then be eaten.

Docks need to be hand collected if in flower before setting seed. Use wheelbarrow to collect.

Docks can be sprayed before in flower.


Hay Hutches.

When not in use store upside down by corral with lids on top so they do not kill the grass.




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