How to: Repair Electric Fencing

How To: Repair Electric Fencing

Items required:-

1 Stapler

2 Spare Staples

3 Electric Tape

4 Electric Gloves

5. Scissors

6. Electric fencing tester

Collect Items – some are in the electrics bag.

Any electric fencing which has got broken needs repairing. Use electric gloves to repair, so you can repair without turning off electric fencing.

If tape is broken, stable together with several staples, and then check current using current tester, which is kept in the Hay Barn.

If current is not strong, work backwards, to find weak link, or where it is being earthed by long grass, or wood.

If the tape looks secure, but the reading is poor, it is because the electric wire running through the tape may be broken.

If there is any clicking noise coming from the fencing – it is being earthed, which is causing the electric fencing to NOT WORK and be secure.

See how to use Electric Fence Tester here.

Note: NEVER KNOT the electric tape.

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