Turning Horses Out from Yard to Corral

Yard to Corral – Herding Down:-

Close Track-Yard Gate.

Take 1 horse at a time, pen area, between gate 1 and gate 2, remove halter and repeat with next horse.

Keep halters in your hand. Then using carrot stick, open yard gate, and direct horses into pen, between yard gate, and yard-track gate.

Now re-attach ropes across drive

Open yard-track gate and herd down.

When passing drive ropes un-clip & Drop on Drive  – tie up when coming back from Corral.

Open Corral gate & let herded horses in & open appropriate gate for the field the horses are in & direct then out to the field.

Important not to leave horses milling around corral while other horses are tied up in the corral.

Use carrot stick to direct horses out of corral, and move them on.

Then untie rest of horses – working clockwise, starting by water trough.

Getting horses IN from Fields &  Turning OUT 

Make sure horses walk on and do not stall on field tracks as they may roll and get stuck in electrics.

Watch them all the way down and if they are not walking on, then drive them on – gently at first – with carrot stick.

Always correct slowly first, then increase pressure as horses very responsive.

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