Weekly Electric Fencing Circuit Check – How To

You will need:-

  • Electric Tester in Hay Barn,
  • Electric Rubber Gloves in Hay barn (these are very special – they come from Germany)
  • Spare Fittings are in White Box in Haybarn

1. Go to school, and make sure electrics have not tripped.

2. Timer should be on continuous – and you should hear the electrics ticking.

3. Check the earthing stake is in the ground, and clip attached to wire, is firmly attached to stake.

4. Now with the Electric Tester, check the current is coming out of the box – strong.


If grass is long, let me know, so can be trimmed.

Check the electric rope / tape is firmly in the insulator pegs and everything is in order.

Check posts are OK – i.e. cast your eye on the fencing posts.


Places to check:

1. Round Pens

2. Both Sides of the main track from the tree, to the corral.

3. Check the electrics between Field A, and Field B. Then Field B & Field C.

4. Track from the corral to the Pond Field.

How to Use Tester:

Put on your electric gloves, and place the hook of the tester over the tape, with the prong in the ground. Then using your hands, press the hook on the tester, against the wire, in the tape – sometimes the reading is tricky. Hence you may have to use your hands.


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