Clipping Guidelines

You Will Need:-

  1. Numnah
  2. Horse Bridle
  3. Heart Template
  4. Clippers
  5. Clipper Oil


Copy bitless bridle crossover strap lines. See photograph.


Clip entire body, leaving 1 inch margin of coat along neck / mane, so mane does not get clipped.

Use elastic bands to tie mane away.

 Saddle Patch

Put numnah on horse – make sure it is positioned high enough (i.e. put forward enough), and check while clipping that it does not slip backwards.

When finished – check patch is not seen when numnah is on. i.e. lines should be perfect.


Don’t clip legs – just end like normal hunter clip.


Use heart cutout template and put on near side (left) of horse’s bottom. See photo.


Create a lettered V shape at top of tail.

Do not clip any mane, and do not clip where bridle headpiece sits.

Clipper Blades

Once blunt – after clipping, wrap up, and give to Sarah for sharpening.

Clipped Hair

Put all clipped hair in a black bin bag, in the apple store bin.



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