Hunting: Day Before (Timetable)

Do in order as follows:-

8.00 AM – Turn hot water tank on (check full)

8.05 AM – Go down to corral in bicycle or walk / JCB depending on normal plan.

Fill haynets and tie-up all horses in corral

Fill hay hutches.

9.25 AM – Bring up hunt horses & tie up on side of lorry tie-rings for 9.30AM – I will trot up and bring to yard after.

9.30 AM – Wheelbarrow wood

9.30 AM – Collect any washing from Boiler Room

9.35 AM – Prepare evening stables & prepare oats for horses. Put stable rugs over doors.

9.45 AM – Get tack ready for hunting

10.00 AM – Get washing kit ready (see Hunting Preparation, Washing and Grooming notes)

10.05 AM – Wash horses according to Hunting Preparation, Washing and Grooming (bring sheets into yard & follow exactly) – avg. 15 minutes per horse, inc. washing, dry grooming and rugging up. Leave turnout rugs over hay mangers in day stables.

11.05 AM – Go down to coral, untie horses, clean up coral and bring JCB back up to wooden garages.

11.25 AM – Collect wheelbarrow from front door.

Pick up messages on answering machine & do anything in regular plan, then finally blow yard, sweep floors etc.

Collect buckets from stables and prepare following morning feed and leave on feed room bin.

11.55 AM – Everything finished, ring in.

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