Hunting: Hunting Preparation – Washing & Grooming

Fill up & turn hot water tank on in feed room.

Bring horses in to yard and tie up in day stables.

Bring 1 horse to wash area.

Get 1 full bucket of hot water from water tank and split into 2 buckets.

Wash all legs (i.e. everything not clipped if necessary) with sponge brush and ecover liquid and hot water.

Do not use hose prior to washing as too slow.

Once legs washed, hose down using shower setting on hose.

White Areas

If still stained, use neat bleach on little sponge, leave for 20 seconds and hose down.

Any remaining white areas, e.g. Tigerlily, wash with ecover liquid and lather with your hands, then rinse with hose.


No washing of tails unless exceptionally bad.

After washing 

After washing 1 horse, put in evening stable, tied up by door ready for dry grooming and put stable rug on.

Turn out rug put in hay barn on corresponding Rail No. to Stable No.

Repeat process with other horses.

Clearing Up Wash Area

Once all washed and in evening stables, tidy wash area and leave completely clear.

Washing buckets, wipe dry and put away. Wring out sponges and wipe down any soapy bottles.

Dry Grooming 

Remove stable rug.


Brush and apply mane and tail spray if not plaiting. 

Body, Heads and Manes 

To groom horses, use following tools in this order.

  1. Metal Hoop
  2. Oyster Brush on manes
  3. Red Curry Comb (any remaining areas)
  4. Flick Brush to remove dust from grooming and shavings on legs from washing

Use plaiting steps for mane & head grooming so as not to miss anything.

Put stable rug back on and untie horse. 

Before Leaving 

Blow Yard, Empty Wheelbarrow

Skip out all horses

Check everything put away.


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