Hunting: Morning Timetable

Do in order as follows:-

8:00 AM – Listen to messages

8:05 AM – Feed horses oats

8:10 AM – Collect Thermotex Rugs from Boiler room and put on 2nd feed bin

8:15 AM – Collect grooming bag and put tack out for all horses on yard saddle racks.

8:20 AM – Working from 4-5 to 8, groom horses, tack up and rug up.

8:50 AM – Move horses over to day stables and tie up by railings – tie 5th horse to feed manger, but tie tightly so cannot rub tack / face.

Watch for horses pooh in day stables & pick up asap.

8:55 AM – Open horse box and partitions

9:00 AM – Fold stable rugs, so label showing and put away on corresponding rail in hay barn.

9:05 AM – Muck out refill hay mangers in evening stables.

10:30 AM – Go down in JCB and feed hay hutches – run your eye over horses for any problems as not tying up in coral – take head collar (in case needed) & carrot stick to push horse off when feeding.

11:30 AM – Prepare after-hunting feed.

11:35 AM – Blow yard. Sweep floors feedroom and tackroom.

11:45 AM – Finish




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