Hunting: Whites Grooming & Washing

Palomino, grey and white patches classed as “white grooming”

Wash legs as other horses.

If areas still stained, may need small bucket of water and diluted bleach and sponge brush to clean. 


Wash tail with ecover liquid


If still stained, put tail in diluted bleach bucket for 20 seconds approx and rinse with hose.

Mane & Neck / Face Area

Use shower setting on hose and wet all mane and forelock and any dirty areas.

Once thoroughly wet, use ecover liquid and lather in until all soapy.

If quite dirty, use hard bristle washing brush by wash area.

Rinse with hose & quickly towel dry mane, neck & face (2-3 white towels needed).

Put in evening stable and put on stable rug.



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