Mane Lengths

Use ruler to measure manes – hold the ruler away from neck, and use your eye to measure mane length.

If when measuring, the length is on the generous side of the finished length, trim a little bit to allow for 3 weeks growth.

Desteny: 7.5 – 8″

Duchess: 7”

Krugerrand: 7″

Rock ‘n’ Roll: 8″

Sahara: 7″

Scarlett 8″

Sky Dancer: 7″

Tigerlily: 8″

Ace of Hearts: 7-8″

Ace of Diamonds: 7″

Northern Star:  7″

Kiss Me Cupid: untouched

Pulling / Cutting Manes

If manes are too long, e.g. longer than desired lengths above – then will need to pull or cut manes, to shorten mane length.

If manes are medium to thick, then can pull manes to shorten length.

Alternatively need to use small scissors, to cut mane – if doing so, cut on the diagonal and vertical direction, not horizontal, to avoid harsh cut lines which look awful.

If unsure, ask Sarah to see how to do this.



Keep forelocks longer than manes, but not in eyes. Never cut without asking.

In most cases, nothing to do – if you think getting too long, ask Sarah and she will show you what to do.



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