Washing & Grooming Day

Washing & Grooming Day

15 Minutes per horse for grooming.

Tools you need

  1. Small Black Scissor Pulling Bag on Saddle Horse Shelf
  2. Washing Bucket & Shampoo Bucket (in 1st feedbin)
  3. White Towels (2 per horse) under tack-room sink.
  4. Big Clippers & orange extension cable – plug into plug just inside tack room
  • Now take 1 horse to wash area and proceed with following:-


1) Wash Legs

Wash legs with bucket of water and shampoo. Use sponge brush and thoroughly wash all legs, up to knee. & then towel dry afterwards.

Note if there is any scabs / mud fever / grass mite,  if so, will treat at end of session.


2) Mane & Forelock Pulling  & Tail Cutting

Refer to mane lengths page for each horse.

  1. Brush mane with oyster brush
  2. Pull mane to designated length (see mane length page) – or cut with scissors, if mane thin.
  3. Tidy forelock with scissors – if looking untidy. Keep shape of forelock natural V shape.
  4. Trim Tail – Cut tail to 3 inchs below the chestnut. Use BIG scissors to get sharp edge.

If unsure whether to pull or cut mane with scissors, ask.

  1. Feathers & Beards 

Beards: Big clippers – trim beards upwards & downwards, careful not to cut inwards, otherwise will make jagged lines. Trim beards following the hairline.

Feathers: – trim feathers tight, but do not point the clipper blades into the leg to avoid jagged lines. Keep parallel to leg.


4) Wash Mane & Forelock

Do not spray windows with water.

  1. Use hose on shower setting for washing manes.
  2. Shampoo manes, lather at root of mane & rinse well. Be generous with shampoo.
  3. Pull head down, using halter – rinse forelock with
  4. Wash forelock with shampoo, and rinse with If head goes up, pull down etc.
  5. Rub dry with towel.

5) Wash Tail

  • Wash tails with cold-water hose & shampoo.
  • If very dirty, may need to rinse & repeat shampoo.
  • Rinse well with hose
  • Twist and shake dry

White & Palomino Tails – Bleach:-

After washing tails – use red little bleach bucket – 2-3 cupfuls bleach and water, then immerse bottom ½ of tail in little bucket and hold and mix in bucket for 1 minute.

Then rinse tail with hose, if got more than 1 horse with white tail, put safely out of reach in hedging.

When finally finished with bleach, take bucket to drain and slowly pour straight down drain to avoid bleaching anything.

6) If Mud / Mite Fever – Winter & Summer Treatment

If when washing you found signs of scabs, or mud fever on legs, do as follows:-

  1. Then treat with Sudacreme – & tell Sarah

Do not try to remove scabs – if they come away when washing, no problem, but don’t try to remove.

7) Spray Conditioner

Now get Mane & Tail Alzadazzle Spray and heavily spray:-

  • mane,
  • forelock
  • tail

Holding the tail or mane, spray and massage solution into the hair. So really lubricates.

Before Turn Horses Out – When RUGGED

When horses have rugs – Get the velcro tool from tack room, and de-hair/mud velcro on horses rugs, so 100% free of anything. Velcro must stay absolutely clean and clear of any fluff, mud, dirt, hair etc.

When finished

  1. Always make sure washing buckets which go back in feed-bin are thoroughly dried, and any sponges used are left to dry in tackroom (put away following day).

Hose down / sweep wash area, so free of hair & mud.

Bottles etc should also be dried before going away in feed-bin.


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