Daily Plan

Open doors 1-4, put up saddle racks.

Unlock feedroom, tackroom & both doors to apple store.

Listen to answering machine messages for plan.

Listen to messages – tack room for horse plan.

Bicycle down (if more than 4 horses in plan, put up ropes, to heard up horses.) & check ‘fixed’ ropes on track, are closed and not left open by accident.

See page in hay-barn “Catching Horses” / “Herding Up”

Now all horses in Corral – tied up & gates closed.

Feed 2 Sections of hay to each horse that is staying in corral.

Take horses up to yard – lead horses up on foot, or if herding up, bicycle up behind horses (keep carrot stick on you always).

Fence Horses in between Gate to Yard & attach Small Rope to Fenceline. Then headcollar up & lead horses into Stables.

Drop Ropes Across Drive to Allow Car Access – do not tie up.

In Yard – 8:30

Use stables 1 to 4 & use tie rings by feed mangers.

No stall chains or doors closed. (If 5 ridden horses in yard – use stables 1 to 4 and stable 6)

Winter: If hooves very muddy, take 1 horse at a time to wash area and hose worst mud down.

Keep area between feedroom door and hose area free of mud. Hose after hosing horses.

Put tack out on saddle racks in yard, for ridden horses.

Put out 2 x skip bucket & gloves (in-between stables 1 and 2, and 3 and 4). Use pegs to secure gloves on tie ring.

Grooming Tacking up Ridden Horses

Remove all rugs (see page “How to Put Rug on & Off” in Tack section)

Groom horses (see “Daily Grooming” in Grooming section.). all Horses

Tack – put together numnah, saddle, girth for each horse on saddle horse then put on Saddle Racks outside stables.

See “Tack up horses”.

Skip out stables if any mess.

Sweep stable door run – e.g. outside stables being used, including wash area to feedroom door area. Including brushing in stable door wells to make square shape, approx 1-2 feet back from door.

Put water in buckets with 1 sponge and 2 sponge-brushes per bucket and put between 1 & 2, and 3 & 4 – accessible to both stables.

Finished – 9:15

Refer to Week Plan

Check the Week Plan and do the work corresponding to the day

If Feeding Haylage and/or Oats 

Get JCB / Keep Garage doors closed once got it out (see page “JCB – How to Use” in Additional section), reverse up track to yard, load oats in back.

Drive down, feed oats (clip-buckets on clips where appropriate), then feed haylage with JCB (see page “How to Feed Haylage” – hanging in hay-barn).

Back in Corral

  • check rugs on horses in corral – sew all minor tears to rugs/ stitches need to be close together & on firm fabric – don’t skimp.
  • Sewing kit in hay barn / if short on time can also do before turning horses out at end of morning.


Collect buckets. If any left over, tip out onto floor. If any horse has finished their hay, give a 2nd slab.

Drive back & put JCB away. In winter, hose off daily using hose by wooden garages

If no haylage to feed, take oats down in wheelbarrow to feed horses in corral.

Back in Yard

10:30 – Skip out stables (see page “Skipping Out”).

Sweep stable door run – e.g. outside stables being used, including wash area to feedroom door area. Including brushing in stable door wells to make square shape, approx 1-2 feet back from door.

Put hard food buckets outside stables for those in work today.

Continue work on Weeks 1 – 4 Lists & Monthly Year Plan work

We are back in yard between 10:30 & 11am

11:00 Clean daily tack. See section “Tack”, page: “Cleaning Tack” – takes 10-15 minutes

Turning Horse Out from Yard

11:15 Turning horses out – see Page Turning Horses Out from Corral” & Clean up Corral (see page) (30 minutes max)

Again – bicycle down behind horses if herding. (remember carrot stick always)

Before Leaving Corral Area:-

  • Check Headcollars tidy, Carrot Stick & school sticks x 2 in place.
  • Check Corral Gate closed with 2 catches.
  • Little School Field & Silver Birch Gate is Closed.
  • Scissors / penknife & all kit used from haybarn put away / door closed top & bottom.
  • 3 nets have 1 slab of hay in it – ie 3 slabs of hay left in corral in 3 nets.

11:45 Back in Yard

  • 11:45 Clean (hose) feed buckets inside & out (clean outside bottom & sides with Green Sponge Scourer kept on hook in wash area)
  • wipe base dry and put in feedroom, fill with oats and water, ready for next day

11:45 Skip Out stables w / remove/ expose any wet patches / clean any marks on walls / loosen aerate bedding & level beds(with shaving fork) / brush door wells.

11:45 – Haynets in yard – check & re-fill haynets where necessary.

11:45 Blow Yard & Clean up yard & finish last things (30 minutes max)

12.15 Ring in & speak to Sarah for any updates / any supplies needed leave message answer machine

12.20 Clean Loo Sweep Tack & Feed-room Floors /Wipe Sinks, Worktop Surfaces & Tops of Feedbins.

12:35 – 1.30 – finish




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