Week 4 Work in Yard

Week 4 (i.e every 4 weeks) 

End of Day: Wipe surfaces & clean sinks, sweep floors, clean loo (see “Loo Cleaning”), blow yard and clean mats






11:00 – Check stable & yard light bulbs & Tack Room and replace.

11:45 – Descale Taps in Tackroom (see page)

12:00 – Add Loo block to Loo cistern if last one is finished

12:00 – De-cobweb & dust Feedroom, Tackroom and Loo. Include dusting pictures / use hoover if needed.

12:00 – Moving Horses to Next Field Tomorrow. Speak with Sarah at end of morning — needs to be done every 2-4 weeks. approximately



Moving Horses to Next Field Day (pending conversation on Tues with Sarah)

9:20 Empty Corral Muck Trailer (if needed) into Midden at back of stables using JCB – drive into yard to access Midden

10:45 Empty Apple Store Bin – new bin liner above bin on shelf

11:15 – Stables 1 – 8 Open feed manger doors and blow clean (when blowing yard.)

11:15 Hoover – cobweb in stables; ie windows, water feeders and all areas of stables, including “ceiling” beams inside stables, and also over-hang of stable roof walkway – e.g. walk outside stables, look up – this part! (use hoover)

11:45 – Mop Floors: Feedroom, Loo and Tackroom.



9.00 – Washing (see page “Weekly Machine Washing”)

9.40 – Check Electric Fencing Circuit in Field (see this page here for How To repair electric fencing

11:30 – Oil all tack used today (see How to Oil Tack page) – therefore do not apply Urad to tack as usual.

10:15 – Rat Bait – clean any debris /check  bait / straighten all boxes, refill if bait finished remove empty package  (location of boxes: see index)

11:45 – Check weight of horses if not seen in week due to no work. (in winter, may need to undo rug to check)

12:10 – Corral Repairs (see page)

12:15 – Start Lorry (30-40 minutes) (see page here on how to)

12:30 – Clean JCB (silver clean – see page)



8:10 Bicycle down or walk with blower on back & leave to blow corral later.

10:15 – Sweep / Tidy / Clean Haybarn (yard)

11.00 – Dust Pictures Feed Room & tack room

12:00 – Sweep / Blow Corral and collect all rubbish & put muck trailer.





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