How to Oil Tack

Oiling of Tack

How to Use – Oil

Use small amount – on sponge – not too oily, e.g. should not drip.

– Apply oil to sponge – small rectangle sponge.

Bridles & Breastplates

– Oil on bridle hooks – do not move over to cleaning hooks.

– Undo keepers and leave undone (then they will be done up when next tacking up horse). i.e. keepers never done-up until on horse.

– Do not oil the buckles. Neatly apply oil in and around buckles.


Put on Saddle Horse and oil every where – underneath as well.

Stirrup Leathers – Pull through and oil the bends.

Important Notes for Oiling in General 

Take care of numbered labels. 

After Oiling: 

Clean up any oil left on surfaces, floor and tools used. Make sure corner cupboard is kept oil-free.

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