Rug Washing and Reproofing

  1. If rugs very dirty put over the gate into yard and hose down.
  2. Then wash rugs in washing machine on “Rug wash” setting.
  3. Use 1-2 capfuls of non biological washing powder
  4. If they come out and are still very dirty, re-wash
  5. Once Clean re-proof turnout rugs
    1. Never wash without reproofing turnout rugs.
  6.  Dry them in the boiler room

 Before Putting Rugs Away

  1. Repair all tears – inside & out, including even the tiniest of nicks
  2. All clips are in order (if not – fix this)
  3. Correct colour ribbon is on x 2 (horse colour + weight of rug)
  4. Lining is not damage (if it is – fix this)
  5. Fillet strings are in place
  6. Rugs are washed – clean, with no mud marks, and reproofed.


  1. Fold in the same style as other rugs are folded
  2. Store turnout rugs in order of weight – ie from the top down:-
  • Lightweight
  • Medium weight
  • heavy weight
  • stable rugs
  • mirotec rugs
  • cotton rugs


  1. Hang rug on yard gate
  2. Fill sprayer with reproofer
  3. Spray rug & leave to soak in
  4. Hang rug in boiler room, for 24hrs to fully dry.





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