Rugs – All You Need to Know

How To take off:-

  1. Undo leg straps (if any) & re-clip to rug.
  2. Undo belly straps
  3. Undo neck cover & fold back.
  4. Undo chest buckles
  5. Fold in-half from withers to tail.
  6. Using 2 hands on fold line,  remove rug.
  7. Put over stable door, still folded as it was on the horse.
  8. The tail end of the rug, is at the bolt-edge of the door.


How To put on:-

  1. Take the beautifully folded rug as you left it, and place over the horse, higher up, near the withers.
  2. Do up chest straps
  3. Unfold rug
  4. Do Leg / Tail Staps
  5. Do Belly straps
  6. Do neck straps


Note on belly straps:-

If 3 straps, do centre strap last.

Note on leg cross over straps:-

  1. Attach strap one –
  2. Then loop strap 2 and connect. See photo


Note on Velcro:-

VITAL to properly fix Velcro. If not sticking, it is dirty, and must be cleaned with Velcro cleaner tool hanging in tackroom.

Note on Buckles 

All buckles should be facing inwards, i.e. so leaver is not visible.


All rugs and tack is labeled. Any labels/ribbons which come off always replace the same day. If notice anything has not got label, must fix immediately.



Copy the length & how the ends are cut into when replacing.


Repairs – All

Check rugs daily, for 1 inch tears – if found, e.g. 1 inch, must be sewn, immediately. Inside tears, and also outside tears must all be repaired.

Any small nicks, and small tears must be immediately repaired, to prevent bigger issues.

Use needle and thread to repair.

All rugs must be sewn up before turning horses out – no horses to go out, until all sewn.

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