Tack Cleaning – Steps 1 & 2

Daily tack cleaning takes 20 minutes max. 

2 Steps (cleaning & Urad) – do in the order outlined below.

Step 1: Cleaning Tack

Bridles  & Breastplates – After Use 

Fill sink with a bit of hot water.

  1. Clean all dirt and grease on tack with green scourer, make sure to properly scrub off grime – even if can’t see any.
  1. Wipe all tack down with yellow Vileda cloth / or sponge afterwards to remove excess moisture.

Make sure to undo bottom keepers so all areas properly cleaned.

No tack to go back on hooks unlabeled. There are labels on ALL tack pieces.

Saddle Stirrups – After Use

Repeat above.

Vital to pull leathers from stirrup bars, and clean this area. Plus move leather where stirrup iron sits, and clean as well.


Clean saddle knee roll from grease and behind rider leg area. Including girth straps.

Never clean saddle seats with water / scourer.

Girths – Daily

Brush girths clean with girth brush (on saddle horse) and then wipe with yellow cloth.


Brush off hairs with velco cleaner hanging by towel rack.

Winter – If numnahs sweaty put over laundry basket and put away before leave. If very sweaty, put on laundry hanger until next day.

Summer – hang over gate in yard if sweaty. Put away before leaving.

Step 2: Urad

Once Cleaned

– apply thin layer of Urad saddlery cream to:

Bridle, breastplate, stirrup leathers, and saddle areas where cleaned with scourer.

If any marks on saddle seat, or canter and pommel, lightly polish with Urad – careful not to over apply.

How to Use Urad Saddlery Cream on Tack

Apply on CLEAN tack – sparingly – using a sponge.

Careful of build up around buckles & make sure none is left on buckles.


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