Tacking Up


Do Numnah Velcro straps up but keep loose so no tension on numnah or they will tear. 

Pull numnahs up into gullet of saddle before doing up girth.


Check saddles are pulled forward before girthing up.


  1. A fist should fit between breastplate and the horse’s chest at front of horse.
  2. Have 4 fingers width between the wither strap & withers.
  3. Strap under chest – should have some slack; check buckle doesn’t rub the skin.
  4. Chest straps should lie above the point of the shoulder so horse’s motion is restricted.


  1. Always put girths through girth straps
  1. When tacking up if girth easy to put on use the smaller one. Most horses have 2. 

Bitless Bridles

Make sure noseband is not sitting too high – ie. much lower than normal bridles.


Make sure not too high – they are looser & noseband sits lower than standard ones.


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