Washing and Drying Instructions


Brush off all hair using metal mud hoop (in grooming bag) before washing.

Close all velcro ties back on themselves

Fold in half the wrong way to wash.

Keep riser pads in.



If very muddy hose off first. (Put rug over gate into yard)

Soap – Use 2 ecover liquid soap top Measures.

Use timer so all washed at night – cheap rate times.

If still very dirty wash rug again.

Cover glass on machine with towel – so light not seen at night


Tail Bandages  & Guards

Tail guards – Do up Velcro

Tail Bandages – Wash in net bags



Wash in Net Bags



Use laundry maid for most things.

Boiler Room – Use for Numnahs in winter & Rugs

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