Herding Horses via Track

Herding Horses UP to Yard

Yard gate CLOSED.

Attach ropes across drive. Check ropes are all closed on way down to corral.

Go down to corral

Select horses.

Tie lead rope around neck of horse, and attach to head collar, under jaw.

Take out of corral

Close gate and herd up / use carrot stick from behind to direct / herd them.

Follow on foot or bicycle.

When get to small track to yard, close yard-track gate, to close horses into pen.

Then go back to driveway, and drop double ropes onto ground (leave on ground – do not coil up).

Now by yard gate, collect each horse & put in appropriate stables. One at a time.

If used, Bicycle stays outside yard until later in the morning.


Turning Out from Yard

Go to drive and put up 2 drive way ropes.

Now go to stable 1 to 8

Remove all head collars.

Collect carrot stick

Carry down all head collars or put in bicycle basket if used

Open yard gate

Herd horses out gently with carrot stick.

Get on bicycle or walk and follow horses down.

Stop in driveway and undo ropes – leave on floor.

Bicycle down or walk.

At Corral

Put bicycle by little gate if used.

Walk to main gate – go into corral with horses still waiting at gate.

Undo head collars of horses tied in corral.

Herd out of corral with carrot stick.

Now open corral gate and let other horses into the corral and herd out.

Hang head collars up.

(when bicycle or walk back up to yard – coil up ropes in driveway)


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