Horses in Yard

Pooh in Yard

Any pooh in yard or in stables clean up straight away.

Stable Doors & Stall Chains

In morning do not close stable doors or stall chains when horses inside & tied up before exercise.

If a horse is left in longer then close stall chain.

Horses in Yard

Keep horses in day stables 1 to 4 – put 2 horses in one stable if more than 4 horses in yard.

Any more than 8 horses and tie up in washing area.

Do not tie anywhere else. 

Horses in Stables – x 2 

When 2 horses are in a stable, it is very important that when leading them out you lead 1 out at a time.

The best thing to do is lead one out, turn it around and lead the second out.

Otherwise they try to come out together and get Stuck.


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