Important Yard Notes – MUST READ

 Record Keeping

  • Keep feed board dated & with current week (e.g. week 1)

Sliding Doors

Feedroom x2, haybarn door – take great care when opening and closing these sliding doors, make sure to support with second hand always when opening, and slide door back evenly. So top and bottom parts of door stay on runners.

Additionally, be very gentle with door handle(s) – they are not secured with strong fixings.

Doors can dramatically change due to weather conditions – so reassess every time you open and close doors.


You will need:-

  • Wellington boots or equivalent
  • Dry Shoes

When coming into yard with horses in morning, hose boots & underside fully & dry on mats before entering feed & tack room

Alternatively – Change to dry shoes and use these when tacking up, in yard, tackroom, feedroom etc.

If changing footwear put neatly just inside feedroom, on left of steps.

Jackets & Clothes 

There are hooks on wall behind door into tackroom.

Yard Hose / Wash Area

Keep hose head on silver hook by hose reel.

Always turn water off by tap.

Use the shower setting on hose to wash horses down

Use head settings appropriately – eg. jet wash setting for washing yard etc.


All rugs and tack is labeled. Any labels/ribbons which come off always replace the same day. If notice anything has not got label, must fix immediately.


Copy the length & how the ends are cut into when replacing.

Head Collar Stands

Headcollars – hang from noseband & long head piece & rope over hook. Ie so lead rope & head piece are hooked up not hanging down to the ground.

Folding / Putting Away

When putting things away copy how things have been put away before. Eg. Fold numnahs so coloured ribbons are visible / fold & pile the same way. Same applies to everything stored in cupboards.

For rugs – see page in Tack section “Rugs – How to Fold (Photographs)

Wooden Garages / Workshop Doors

Keep closed at all times.

Hay Barn Door

Close hay barn door always directly after use.

Otherwise our cats get locked up in here.

Locking Up

When leaving yard always:-

  • Leave wheelbarrows empty & upright on wall
  • Check & Lock all doors: apple store, feedroom, sliding x2, tackroom, and midden.
  • Close double White Doors

Feed & Shopping List

Anything needed please ring 215 and leave message on answering machine.

* Must give me at least 1 weeks notice – i.e. telephone about item needed before run out.




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