Mucking Out

Do in this order

Daily Routine

Approximately 10 – 15 minutes per stable.

  1. Move horses to day stables if in stable
  2. Remove all droppings using rubber gloves, skip bucket & relay into wheelbarrow. Do not use shaving fork.
  1. Then with 4 pronged fork find wet patches when find them turn over and remove the wet bedding with fork into skip bucket – take care to only remove the wet and not any dry.
  2. Level beds so neat and tidy.
  3. Clean any pooh marks on walls & de-cobweb water drinkers
  4. Fill haynet
  5. Sweep door well so shavings are clear of door and leave sharp lines – use small broom.
  6. Add more shavings if bed getting low – if unsure ask Sarah
  7. Leave doors open for air to circulate while working in yard.
  8. Always Close bottom door before leaving.






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