Rat Bait Boxes

6 Bait Boxes used

  1. Next to 3 main compost bins by wooden Garages by the side by fence line
  2. Behind midden in the Yard
  3. In the yard hay barn.
  4. In corral hay barn
  5. In the Laurel Pen by Corral
  6. By Double White Doors by Workshop

Take a pair of plastic gloves & Dustpan Brush.

Rat Bait is kept in apple store on little shelves, in plastic containers.

Brush clean boxes so we can see if any trace of bait is used.

Then Use the round bars and put a bar onto the metal rod in the rat bait boxes.

Make sure the box is straight and level on ground so easy for vermon to get into the box.

Secure lids so it stays on properly.





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